About Us



With over a decade of stock and options trading experience, we've been able to successfully navigate through these turbulent markets to earn consistent returns. We're not right all the time (nobody's perfect), but we know how to manage our losses. This is the key to successful trading. Anyone can open a position... it's knowing when and how to get out that sets us apart.


Options are a wasting asset which depreciate over time. This results in an overwhelming majority of them expiring worthless... horrible for the buyer, but great for the seller.

Knowing this, we sell credit spreads and have a proven system to profit consistently. Our system may not be for the adrenaline junkie looking to hit a homerun with each trade. Instead, we use low risk positions that produce low returns (~5%). This is done each week and, over time, these returns will outperform other services, the S&P 500, as well as countless mutual funds. Those adrenaline junkies just need the excitement... including those exciting days of losing their pants!


With options, a 5% return is very small. It may not appeal to many, but if done on a weekly basis, that equates to a return of about 20% in one month! Many fund managers can't even do this over the course of a year!

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