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5 Percent Per Week

5 Percent Per Week

Earning profits through weekly credit spreads.

Earning about 5% per year can be done with a very conservative strategy, and is acceptable for the majority of investors. Through options and our proven strategy, we try to earn 5%, EACH WEEK.

Trading options successfully requires for one to be correct in both timing and direction. If the underlying asset moves favorably, but not quickly enough, you lose. If it makes a move in the anticipated time, but not in the right direction, you lose again. Even if the underlying asset does nothing, the options could still be a loser since they are wasting assets. (The value of options decrease with each passing day)

Knowing this, why do people trade options?
Because getting that one trade right, could result in returns of 100% or more, overnight. Of course, chances of that happening are slim... you have to be lucky or know something very few people do.

We take a slow and steady approach with our low-return, high-probability of success trading strategy, without forgetting the importance of Capital Preservation.

  • Our trades have a higher than 80% success rate
  • Positions are held for an average of just 1-3 trading days, reducing stress (we like to sleep at night)
  • Losses (yes, there will be some) are cut soon, and managed properly