Past Performance

Column Chart

A list of weekly results for our trades.

Open Date Underlying Strikes Expiration Type Credit Debit Result Trade Notes
 Jul 19, 2018SPXW2825/2830 Jul 18Call0.500.0011.11% Expired worthless
 Jul 11, 2018SPXW2810/2815 Jul2 18Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 05, 2018SPXW2680/2685 Jul1 18Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 28, 2018XEO1165/1170 Jun5 18Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 21, 2018SPXW2780/2785 Jun4 18Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 14, 2018SPXW2805/2810 Jun 18Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 07, 2018SPXW2790/2795 Jun2 18Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 30, 2018XEO1175/1180 Jun1 18Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 May 24, 2018SPXW2695/2700 May4 18Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 17, 2018XEO1205/1210 May 18Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 03, 2018XEO1125/1130 May1 18Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 26, 2018XEO1140/1145 Apr4 18Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 17, 2018XEO1160/1165 Apr 18Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 11, 2018XEO1185/1190 Apr2 18Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Mar 15, 2018XEO1190/1195 Mar 18Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Mar 08, 2018XEO1185/1190 Mar2 18Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Feb 21, 2018XEO1180/1185 Feb4 18Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 04, 2018SPXW2740/2745 Jan1 18Call0.302.85(60.6%) Spiked in last 10 minutes and settled ITM
 Dec 21, 2017SPXW2700/2705 Dec4 17Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Dec 14, 2017SPXW2635/2640 Dec 17Put0.450.009.89% Expired worthless
 Dec 07, 2017SPXW2600/2605 Dec2 17Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Dec 01, 2017SPX2650/2655 Dec1 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 12, 2017SPXW2540/2545 Oct2 17Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 28, 2017SPXW2520/2525 Sep5 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 21, 2017SPXW2515/2520 Sep4 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 13, 2017SPXW2510/2515 Sep 17Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Aug 30, 2017SPXW2430/2435 Sep1 17Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Aug 02, 2017SPXW2490/2495 Aug1 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 26, 2017SPXW2455/2460 Jul4 17Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 19, 2017SPX2485/2490 Jul 17Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jul 19, 2017SPXW2490/2495 Jul 17Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jul 12, 2017SPXW2460/2465 Jul2 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 06, 2017SPXW2390/2395 Jul1 17Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jun 27, 2017SPXW2400/2405 Jun5 17Put0.251.18(19.58%)  Closed 2400/2405 for 0.93 net debit.
 Jun 21, 2017SPX2460/2465 Jun4 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 15, 2017SPXW2450/2455 Jun 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 01, 2017SPX2435/2440 Jun1 17Call0.304.07(80.21%) Expired in the money at 2439.07 for 3.77 net debit.
 May 25, 2017SPX2425/2430 May4 17Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 May 19, 2017SPXW2365/2370 May 17Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 04, 2017SPX2405/2410 May1 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 26, 2017SPX2415/2420 Apr4 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 20, 2017SPXW2375/2380 Apr 17Call0.420.009.17% Expired worthless
 Apr 06, 2017SPX2330/2335 Apr1 17Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Mar 29, 2017SPX2330/2335 Mar5 17Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 23, 2017SPX2370/2375 Mar4 17Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Mar 09, 2017SPX2345/2350 Mar2 17Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 03, 2017SPX2385/2390 Mar1 17Call0.450.009.89% Expired worthless
 Feb 23, 2017SPX2375/2380 Feb4 17Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Feb 02, 2017SPX2290/2295 Feb1 17Call0.405.00(100%) Expired in the money 2290/2295 for 4.60 net debit.
 Jan 26, 2017SPX2310/2315 Jan4 17Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 19, 2017SPXW2285/2290 Jan 17Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 12, 2017SPX2280/2285 Jan2 17Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 05, 2017SPX2285/2290 Jan1 17Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Dec 22, 2016SPX2270/2275 Dec4 16Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Dec 01, 2016SPX2210/2215 Dec1 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 23, 2016SPX2215/2220 Nov4 16Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Nov 17, 2016SPXW2200/2205 Nov 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 10, 2016XEO940/945 Nov2 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 01, 2016XEO905/910 Nov1 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 20, 2016SPXW2120/2125 Oct 16Put0.270.005.71% Expired worthless
 Oct 13, 2016SPX2105/2110 Oct2 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 29, 2016SPX2115/2120 Sep5 16Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 23, 2016SPX2155/2160 Sep4 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 15, 2016XEO930/935 Sep 16Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 01, 2016XEO940/945 Sep1 16Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Aug 25, 2016SPX2195/2200 Aug4 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 19, 2016SPXW2185/2190 Aug 16Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Aug 05, 2016SPX2165/2170 Aug1 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 28, 2016SPX2185/2190 Jul5 16Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jul 20, 2016SPX2195/2200 Jul4 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 29, 2016SPX2010/2015 Jul1 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 23, 2016SPX2140/2145 Jun4 16Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Jun 09, 2016SPX2125/2130 Jun2 16Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jun 01, 2016SPX2120/2125 Jun1 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 26, 2016SPX2105/2110 May4 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 19, 2016XEO885/890 May 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 13, 2016SPX2075/2080 May2 16Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 May 06, 2016SPX2025/2030 May1 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 21, 2016SPX2120/2125 Apr4 16Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Apr 13, 2016SPXW2105/2110 Apr 16Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Apr 06, 2016XEO925/930 Apr2 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 10, 2016SPX1965/1970 Mar2 16Put0.352.10(37.63%) Closed 1965/1970 for 1.75 net debit. All brokers filled original order for 0.35 credit.
 Mar 03, 2016SPX2010/2015 Mar1 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 25, 2016SPX1960/1965 Feb4 16Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Feb 11, 2016SPX1775/1780 Feb2 16Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 04, 2016SPX1970/1975 Feb1 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 21, 2016SPX1915/1920 Jan4 16Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 17, 2015SPXW2090/2095 Dec 15Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Dec 10, 2015SPX2085/2090 Dec2 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 02, 2015SPX2135/2140 Dec1 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 25, 2015SPX2105/2110 Nov4 15Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Nov 13, 2015SPX2010/2015 Nov2 15Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 04, 2015SPX2135/2140 Nov1 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 15, 2015SPXW2030/2035 Oct 15Call0.253.11(60.21%) Expired in the money 2.86 net debit.
 Oct 07, 2015SPX2025/2030 Oct2 15Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Sep 30, 2015SPX1955/1960 Oct1 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 09, 2015SPX2010/2015 Sep2 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 03, 2015SPX2010/2015 Sep1 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless -- Partial fill. eOption filled 26% and TOS did not report. All other reporting brokers filled the order.
 Aug 20, 2015SPXW2010/2015 Aug 15Put0.202.80(54.17%) Closed 2010/2015 for 2.60net debit.
 Aug 06, 2015SPX2120/2125 Aug1 15Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless -- Partial fill. eOption, GAT, TK filled. OH partial fill.
 Jul 23, 2015SPX2090/2095 Jul4 15Put0.251.56(27.57%) Closed 2090/2095 for average net debit of 1.31.
 Jul 14, 2015SPXW2130/2135 Jul 15Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jun 30, 2015SPX2010/2015 Jul1 15Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jun 24, 2015SPX2140/2145 Jun4 15Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Jun 11, 2015SPX2080/2085 Jun2 15Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jun 02, 2015SPX2145/2150 Jun1 15Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 May 28, 2015SPX2135/2140 May5 15Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 May 20, 2015SPX2150/2155 May4 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 14, 2015SPXW2130/2135 May 15Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 May 07, 2015SPX2035/2040 May2 15Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless -- Partial fill. Option House was unable to fill this position. All other brokers were able to fill.
 Apr 29, 2015SPX2135/2140 May1 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 22, 2015SPX2125/2130 Apr4 15Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Apr 15, 2015SPXW2130/2135 Apr 15Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless -- Partial fill TOS did not receive our order, therefore, did not fill. All other brokers filled
 Apr 08, 2015SPX2105/2110 Apr2 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 26, 2015SPX2020/2025 Mar4 15Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 19, 2015SPXW2115/2120 Mar 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 11, 2015SPX1990/1995 Mar2 15Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Mar 04, 2015SPX2125/2130 Mar1 15Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 25, 2015SPX2135/2140 Feb4 15Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Feb 11, 2015SPX2100/2105 Feb2 15Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Feb 04, 2015SPX2070/2075 Feb1 15Call0.301.80(31.91%) Closed 2070/2075 for 1.50 net debit.
 Jan 21, 2015XEO870/875 Jan4 15Put0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Jan 15, 2015SPXW1950/1955 Jan 15Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 30, 2014SPX2105/2110 Jan1 15Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Dec 17, 2014SPXW2055/2060 Dec 14Call0.254.75(95%) Expired in the money
 Dec 12, 2014SPX1990/1995 Dec2 14Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 03, 2014SPX2095/2100 Dec1 14Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Nov 19, 2014SPXW2070/2075 Nov 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless -- Partial fill
 Nov 12, 2014SPX2060/2065 Nov2 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Nov 04, 2014SPX2050/2055 Nov1 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 30, 2014SPX2005/2010 Oct5 14Call0.204.20(83.33%) Closed 2005/2010 for 4.00 net debit.
 Oct 21, 2014XEO830/835 Oct4 14Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Oct 16, 2014SPXW1805/1810 Oct 14Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Oct 08, 2014SPX1995/2000 Oct2 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Sep 25, 2014XEO865/870 Sep4 14Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Sep 24, 2014XEO875/880 Sep4 14Put0.301.15(18.09%) Closed 875/880 for 0.85 net debit. TradeKing closed for 1.40 net debit.
 Sep 18, 2014SPXW1985/1990 Sep 14Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 10, 2014SPX2010/2015 Sep2 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Sep 03, 2014SPX2025/2030 Sep1 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 20, 2014SPX2005/2010 Aug4 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Aug 13, 2014SPX1960/1965 Aug 14Call0.303.31(64.04%) Expired ITM for 3.01 net debit.
 Aug 06, 2014SPX1870/1875 Aug2 14Put0.250.005.26%  Expired worthless
 Jul 30, 2014SPX1995/2000 Aug1 14Call0.300.0010.64% Expired worthless
 Jul 31, 20141900/1905Put0.200.00Expired worthless
 Jul 23, 2014SPX2005/2010 Jul4 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jul 16, 2014SPX1950/1955 Jul 14Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 10, 2014SPX1930/1935 Jul2 14Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 01, 2014SPX1990/1995 Jul1 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 24, 2014SPX1980/1985 Jun4 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 18, 2014SPX1965/1970 Jun 14Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Jun 11, 2014SPX1960/1965 Jun2 14Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jun 02, 2014SPX1950/1955 Jun1 14Call0.250.95(14.74%) Closed 1950/1955 for 0.70 net debit.
 May 28, 2014SPX1930/1935 May5 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless -- Partial fill
 May 21, 2014SPX1855/1860 May4 14Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 May 12, 2014SPX1915/1920 May 14Call0.300.006.32% Averaged credit / Expired worthless
 May 08, 2014SPX1900/1905 May2 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 07, 2014SPX1890/1895 May2 14Call0.251.85(33.68%) Closed 1890/1895 for 1.60 net debit.
 Apr 29, 2014SPX1910/1915 May1 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 22, 2014XEO840/845 Apr4 14Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless -- Partial fill
 Apr 16, 2014SPX1870/1875 Apr 14Call0.280.005.82% Expired worthless
 Apr 09, 2014SPX1890/1895 Apr2 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 01, 2014SPX1910/1915 Apr1 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 26, 2014SPX1890/1895 Mar4 14Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Mar 20, 2014SPX1840/1845 Mar 14Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 12, 2014SPX1885/1890 Mar2 14Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Mar 04, 2014SPX1900/1905 Mar1 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 26, 2014SPX1870/1875 Feb4 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 18, 2014SPX1865/1870 Feb 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Feb 11, 2014SPX1845/1850 Feb2 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 05, 2014SPX1695/1700 Feb1 14Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 29, 2014SPX1730/1735 Jan5 14Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 22, 2014SPX1860/1865 Jan4 14Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless - Partial fill
 Jan 15, 2014SPX1865/1870 Jan 14Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jan 07, 2014SPX1860/1865 Jan2 14Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Dec 31, 2013SPX1870/1875 Jan1 14Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 19, 2013SPX1820/1825 Dec 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 11, 2013SPX1815/1820 Dec2 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless - Partial fill
 Nov 26, 2013SPX1820/1825 Nov5 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 19, 2013XEO810/815 Nov4 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 13, 2013SPX1785/1790 Nov 13Call0.201.85(34.37%) Closed 1785/1790 for average $1.85 net debit.
 Nov 05, 2013SPX1790/1795 Nov2 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 28, 2013SPX1785/1790 Nov1 13Call0.340.007.24% Expired worthless - Average price across brokers
 Oct 23, 2013XEO785/790 Oct4 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 09, 2013SPX1615/1620 Oct2 13Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Oct 02, 2013SPX1715/1720 Oct1 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 18, 2013SPX1745/1750 Sep 13Call0.430.009.40% Average fill across autotrading brokers
 Sep 11, 2013SPX1705/1710 Sep2 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Sep 03, 2013SPX1665/1670 Sep1 13Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Aug 29, 2013SPX1660/1665 Aug5 13Call0.250.005.26% Partial fills at $.20 and $.30 - Expired worthless
 Aug 15, 2013SPX1635/1640 Aug 13Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 08, 2013SPX1675/1680 Aug2 13Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 01, 2013SPX1725/1730 Aug1 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jul 24, 2013SPX1710/1715 Jul4 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 18, 2013SPX1705/1710 Jul 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jul 09, 2013SPX1680/1685 Jul2 13Call0.251.50(26.32%) Closed 1680/1685 for 1.25 net debit.
 Jul 03, 2013SPX1640/1645 Jul1 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jun 26, 2013XEO700/705 Jun4 13Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 13, 2013SPX1645/1650 Jun2 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless - Filled except those who had the Jun 12, 2013 trade
 Jun 12, 2013SPX1650/1655 Jun2 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless - Partial Fill
 Jun 05, 2013SPX1560/1565 Jun1 13Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless - Partial Fill
 Jun 04, 2013SPX1670/1675 Jun1 13Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless - Partial Fill
 May 30, 2013SPX1675/1680 May5 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 29, 2013SPX1600/1605 May5 13Put0.200.004.17%  Expired worthless - Partial fill
 May 22, 2013SPX1705/1710 May4 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless - Partial fill
 May 15, 2013SPX1680/1685 May 13Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 May 07, 2013SPX1645/1650 May2 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Apr 30, 2013SPX1620/1625 May1 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 24, 2013SPX1600/1605 Apr4 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Apr 18, 2013XEO680/685 Apr 13Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 09, 2013SPX1590/1595 Apr2 13Call0.251.45(25.26%) Closed 1590/1595 for 1.20 net debit. ThinkorSwim closed at 1.10 net debit.
 Apr 02, 2013SPX1590/1595 Apr1 13Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Mar 26, 2013SPX1575/1580 Mar5 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Mar 20, 2013XEO685/690 Mar4 13Put0.250.005.26%  Expired worthless
 Mar 13, 2013SPX1530/1535 Mar 13Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Mar 06, 2013SPX1560/1565 Mar2 13Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Feb 28, 2013XEO690/695 Mar1 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 20, 2013XEO675/680 Feb4 13Put0.352.00(35.48%) Closed 675/680 for 1.65 net debit.
 Feb 13, 2013XEO690/695 Feb 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless - Partial fill
 Feb 07, 2013XEO665/670 Feb2 13Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 29, 2013XEO685/690 Feb1 13Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 23, 2013XEO660/665 Jan4 13Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jan 15, 2013XEO675/680 Jan4 13Call0.501.30(17.78%) Closed 675/680 for 0.80 net debit.
 Jan 07, 2013XEO670/675 Jan2 13Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Dec 27, 2012XEO630/635 Dec4 12Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Dec 13, 2012XEO635/640 Dec2 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 06, 2012XEO630/635 Dec1 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 27, 2012XEO650/655 Nov5 12Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 20, 2012XEO620/625 Nov4 12Put0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Nov 15, 2012XEO605/610 Nov 12Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Nov 13, 2012XEO615/620 Nov 12Put0.351.10(16.13%) Closed 615/620 for 0.75 net debit.
 Nov 08, 2012XEO620/625 Nov2 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 01, 2012XEO640/645 Nov1 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 24, 2012XEO630/635 Oct4 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 16, 2012XEO650/655 Oct 12Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Oct 09, 2012XEO650/655 Oct2 12Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 27, 2012XEO645/650 Oct1 12Put0.500.0011.11% Expired worthless
 Sep 17, 2012XEO680/685 Sep 12Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 04, 2012SPX1425/1430 Sep1 12Call0.403.15(59.78%)  Closed 1425/1430 for 2.75 net debit.
 Aug 27, 2012SPX1435/1440 Aug5 12Call0.350.105.38% Closed 1435/1440 for 0.25 net credit.
 Aug 08, 2012SPX1420/1425 Aug2 12Call0.300.006.38%  Expired worthless
 Jul 31, 2012SPX1425/1430 Aug1 12Call0.220.004.60%  Expired worthless
 Jul 25, 2012XEO595/600 Jul4 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 10, 2012XEO595/600 Jul2 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 03, 2012XEO610/615 Jul1 12Put0.250.103.16%  Closed 610/615 for 0.15 net credit.
 Jun 28, 2012SPX1290/1295 Jun5 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 18, 2012SPX1380/1385 Jun4 12Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 13, 2012XEO585/590 Jun 12Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jun 07, 2012SPX1340/1345 Jun2 12Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 May 30, 2012SPX1260/1265 Jun1 12Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 May 22, 2012XEO580/585 May4 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 15, 2012XEO620/625 May 12Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 09, 2012XEO595/600 May2 12Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 May 02, 2012XEO645/650 May1 12Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Apr 25, 2012XEO615/620 Apr4 12Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Apr 18, 2012XEO615/620 Apr 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 09, 2012XEO610/615 Apr2 12Put0.251.10(15.79%) Closed 610/615 for 0.75 net debit.
 Mar 27, 2012SPX1380/1385 Mar5 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 22, 2012SPX1370/1375 Mar4 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 19, 2012SPX1375/1380 Mar4 12Put0.401.00(13.79%)  Closed 1375/1380 for 0.64 net debit.
 Mar 12, 2012XEO605/610 Mar 12Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 07, 2012XEO600/605 Mar2 12Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Mar 05, 2012SPX1335/1340 Mar2 12Put0.481.40(20.35%)  Closed 1335/1340 for 0.92 net debit.
 Feb 29, 2012SPX1340/1345 Mar1 12Put0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Feb 21, 2012SPX1330/1335 Feb4 12Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Feb 13, 2012XEO590/595 Feb 12Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Feb 06, 2012SPX1310/1315 Feb2 12Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 30, 2012SPX1275/1280 Feb1 12Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 26, 2012SPX1340/1345 Jan4 12Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jan 24, 2012SPX1335/1340 Jan4 12Call0.301.20(19.15%) Closed 1335/1340 for 0.90 net debit.
 Jan 23, 2012SPX1340/1345 Jan4 12Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Jan 17, 2012SPX1325/1330 Jan 12Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 10, 2012SPX1320/1325 Jan2 12Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jan 09, 2012SPX1305/1310 Jan2 12Call0.351.40(22.58%) Markets gapped higher. Stop loss was triggered.
Closed 1305/1310 for 1.05 net debit.
 Jan 04, 2012SPX1300/1305 Jan1 12Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 19, 2011SPX1165/1170 Dec4 11Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Dec 12, 2011XEO530/535 Dec 11Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Dec 06, 2011SPX1300/1305 Dec2 11Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 05, 2011SPX1310/1315 Dec2 11Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless - Partial fill
 Nov 28, 2011SPX1125/1130 Dec1 11Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Nov 21, 2011SPX1120/1125 Nov4 11Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Nov 14, 2011SPX1295/1300 Nov 11Call0.350.007.53%  Expired worthless
 Nov 07, 2011SPX1300/1305 Nov2 11Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Oct 31, 2011SPX1315/1320 Nov1 11Call0.350.056.45% Closed 1315/1320 for 0.30 net credit
 Oct 24, 2011SPX1295/1300 Oct4 11Call0.400.106.52% Closed 1295/1300 for 0.30 net credit.
 Oct 17, 2011XEO565/570 Oct 11Call0.350.056.45% Bought back short for $.05.
 Oct 13, 2011SPX1220/1225 Oct2 11Call0.252.00(36.84%) Closed 1220/1225 for 1.75 net debit.
 Oct 06, 2011SPX1190/1195 Oct1 11Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Oct 05, 2011SPX1070/1075 Oct1 11Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless - Partial fill
 Sep 29, 2011SPX1100/1105 Sep5 11Put0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 14, 2011SPX1215/1220 Sep 11Call0.301.74(30.63%) Settlement at 1216.74
 Sep 07, 2011SPX1230/1235 Sep2 11Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 01, 2011SPX1250/1255 Sep1 11Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 24, 2011SPX1215/1220 Aug4 11Call0.300.055.32% Closed 1215/1220 for 0.25 net credit.
 Aug 18, 2011SPX1080/1085 Aug 11Put0.250.005.26% A small percentage of brokers filled this position.
 Aug 11, 2011SPX1225/1230 Aug2 11Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 03, 2011SPX1280/1285 Aug1 11Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Jul 21, 2011SPX1360/1365 Jul4 11Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Jul 15, 2011SPX1355/1360 Jul4 11Call0.250.95(14.74%)  Closed 1355/1360 for 0.70 net debit.
 Jun 29, 2011SPX1325/1330 Jul1 11Call0.254.75(94.74%) Expired in the money
 Jun 22, 2011SPX1315/1320 Jun4 11Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Jun 15, 2011SPX1245/1250 Jun 11Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 08, 2011SPX1305/1310 Jun2 11Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Jun 02, 2011SPX1335/1340 Jun1 11Call0.300.006.38%  Expired worthless
 May 26, 2011SPX1335/1340 May4 11Call0.300.55(5.3%) A small percentage of brokers filled this position.
 May 19, 2011SPX1320/1325 May 11Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 May 11, 2011SPX1305/1310 May2 11Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 05, 2011SPX1310/1315 May1 11Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Apr 27, 2011SPX1365/1370 Apr5 11Call0.400.65(5.43%) Closed 1365/1370 for 0.25 net debit.
 Apr 20, 2011SPX1310/1315 Apr4 11Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 13, 2011SPX1330/1335 Apr 11Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Apr 06, 2011SPX1350/1355 Apr2 11Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Mar 22, 2011XEO560/565 Mar4 11Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Mar 09, 2011XEO600/605 Mar2 11Call0.300.0012.77% Expired worthless
 Mar 10, 2011570/575Put0.300.00Expired worthless
 Feb 28, 2011XEO575/580 Mar1 11Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 24, 2011XEO570/575 Feb4 11Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Feb 22, 2011XEO580/585 Feb4 11Put0.250.85(12.63%) Closed 580/585 for 0.60 net debit.
 Feb 15, 2011XEO605/610 Feb 11Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Feb 09, 2011XEO580/585 Feb2 11Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 31, 2011XEO560/565 Feb1 11Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 19, 2011XEO565/570 Jan 11Put0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Jan 10, 2011XEO555/560 Jan2 11Put0.300.005.82% Expired worthless
 Jan 11, 2011560/565Put0.250.00Expired worthless
 Jan 03, 2011XEO580/585 Jan1 11Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Dec 31, 2010OEX575/580 Jan1 11Call0.301.45(24.46%) Closed 575/580 for 1.15 net debit.
 Dec 10, 2010XEO570/575 Dec 10Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 29, 2010OEX545/550 Dec1 10Call0.253.82(75.16%) Expired in the money 545/550 for 3.57 net debit.
 Nov 22, 2010OEX515/520 Nov4 10Put0.200.053.12% Closed 515/520 for 0.15 net credit.
 Nov 15, 2010XEO555/560 Nov 10Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Nov 10, 2010XEO555/560 Nov2 10Call0.200.053.12% Closed 555/560 for 0.15 net credit.
 Oct 28, 2010OEX550/555 Nov1 10Call0.451.20(16.5%) Bought back short for $1.20.
 Oct 18, 2010XEO545/550 Oct4 10Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Oct 12, 2010XEO540/545 Oct 10Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Oct 05, 2010OEX530/535 Oct2 10Call0.250.054.21% Bought back short for $.05.
 Sep 27, 2010XEO530/535 Oct1 10Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Sep 20, 2010XEO525/530 Sep4 10Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 13, 2010XEO520/525 Sep 10Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Sep 03, 2010XEO510/515 Sep2 10Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 30, 2010XEO455/460 Sep1 10Put0.350.056.45% Closed 455/460 for 0.30 net credit.
 Aug 26, 2010XEO465/470 Aug4 10Put0.250.054.21% Closed 465/470 for 0.20 net credit.
 Aug 09, 2010XEO525/530 Aug 10Call0.600.0023.86% Expired worthless
 Aug 13, 2010470/475Put0.500.05Closed 470/475 for 0.45 net credit.
 Aug 02, 2010XEO525/530 Aug1 10Call0.350.007.36% Expired worthless
 Jul 26, 2010XEO515/520 Jul5 10Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jul 22, 2010OEX505/510 Jul4 10Call0.300.055.31% Closed 505/510 for 0.25 net credit.
 Jul 13, 2010OEX505/510 Jul 10Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jul 06, 2010XEO445/450 Jul2 10Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 28, 2010XEO465/470 Jul1 10Put0.350.80(9.67%) Closed 465/470 for 0.45 net debit.
 Jun 21, 2010XEO520/525 Jun4 10Call0.350.007.52% Expired worthless
 Jun 15, 2010OEX515/520 Jun 10Call0.150.003.09% Expired worthless
 Jun 07, 2010XEO470/475 Jun2 10Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 May 28, 2010XEO475/480 Jun1 10Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 May 24, 2010OEX510/515 May4 10Call0.600.404.54% Closed 510/515 for 0.20 net credit.
 May 17, 2010XEO530/535 May 10Call0.400.008.69% Expired worthless
 May 11, 2010XEO540/545 May2 10Call0.350.007.52% Expired worthless
 May 03, 2010XEO555/560 May1 10Call0.600.355.68% Closed 555/560 for 0.25 net credit.
 Apr 23, 2010OEX560/565 Apr4 10Call0.600.0019.32% Expired worthless
 Apr 27, 2010515/520Put0.250.00Expired worthless
 Apr 22, 2010OEX530/535 Apr4 10Put0.250.054.21% Closed 530/535 for 0.20 net credit.
 Apr 12, 2010OEX555/560 Apr 10Call0.400.351.01% Closed 555/560 for 0.05 net credit.
 Apr 01, 2010OEX550/555 Apr1 10Call0.200.008.33% Expired worthless
 Apr 07, 2010525/530Put0.200.00Expired worthless
 Mar 26, 2010OEX520/525 Mar4 10Put0.350.154.30% Closed 520/525 for 0.20 net credit.
 Mar 12, 2010OEX540/545 Mar2 10Call0.200.004.17% Expired worthless
 Mar 01, 2010OEX520/525 Mar1 10Call0.250.152.10% Closed 520/525 for .10 net credit.
 Feb 19, 2010OEX520/525 Feb 10Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Feb 09, 2010OEX470/475 Feb2 10Put0.450.205.49% Closed 470/475 for 0.25 net credit.
 Feb 05, 2010OEX490/495 Feb1 10Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Feb 04, 2010OEX475/480 Feb1 10Put0.300.50(4.25%) Closed 475/480 for 0.20 net debit.
 Feb 01, 2010OEX510/515 Feb1 10Call0.650.95(6.89%) Closed 510/515 for .30 net debit.
 Jan 25, 2010OEX480/485 Jan5 10Put0.300.0013.83% Expired worthless
 Jan 27, 2010515/520Call0.350.00Expired worthless
 Jan 15, 2010OEX525/530 Jan 10Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jan 05, 2010OEX530/535 Jan2 10Call0.450.009.89% Expired worthless
 Dec 31, 2009OEX510/515 Jan1 10Put0.150.003.09% Expired worthless
 Dec 22, 2009OEX520/525 Dec4 09Call0.400.0013.04% Expired worthless
 Dec 23, 2009505/510Put0.200.00Expired worthless
 Dec 17, 2009OEX515/520 Dec 09Call0.300.0014.89% Expired worthless
 Dec 17, 2009495/500Put0.400.00Expired worthless
 Dec 01, 2009OEX525/530 Dec1 09Call0.550.2017.97% Closed 525/530 for .35 net credit.
 Dec 04, 2009510/515Put0.450.00Expired worthless
 Nov 24, 2009OEX520/525 Nov4 09Call0.500.0014.44% Expired worthless
 Nov 25, 2009505/510Put0.150.00Expired worthless
 Nov 20, 2009OEX510/515 Nov 09Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Nov 19, 2009OEX510/515 Nov 09Call1.301.85(14.86%) Closed 510/515 for 0.55 net debit.
 Nov 19, 2009OEX515/520 Nov 09Call0.650.0021.84% Expired worthless
 Nov 20, 2009500/505Put0.300.00Expired worthless
 Nov 09, 2009OEX510/515 Nov2 09Call0.850.7012.04% Closed 510/515 for 0.15 net credit.
 Nov 12, 2009495/500Put0.350.00Expired worthless
 Nov 05, 2009OEX500/505 Nov1 09Call0.450.009.89% Expired worthless
 Nov 04, 2009OEX500/505 Nov1 09Call0.550.207.86% Closed 500/505 for 0.35 net credit.
 Nov 03, 2009OEX495/500 Nov1 09Call0.700.455.26% Closed 495/500 for 0.25 net credit.
 Oct 30, 2009OEX490/495 Oct5 09Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Oct 29, 2009OEX475/480 Oct5 09Put0.250.0012.63% Expired worthless
 Oct 30, 2009495/500Call1.050.70Closed 495/500 for 0.35 net credit.
 Oct 29, 2009OEX475/480 Oct5 09Put0.250.0010.53% Expired worthless
 Oct 30, 2009490/495Call0.250.00Expired worthless
 Oct 21, 2009OEX510/515 Oct4 09Call0.950.6017.28% Closed 510/515 for 0.35 net credit.
 Oct 23, 2009495/500Put0.350.00Expired worthless
 Oct 15, 2009OEX515/520 Oct 09Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 15, 2009OEX515/520 Oct 09Call0.250.0017.89% Expired worthless
 Oct 15, 2009495/500Put0.600.00Expired worthless
 Oct 08, 2009OEX500/505 Oct2 09Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Oct 02, 2009OEX460/465 Oct1 09Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 25, 2009OEX490/495 Sep4 09Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Sep 17, 2009OEX475/480 Sep 09Put0.250.0010.53% Expired worthless
 Sep 17, 2009500/505Call0.250.00Expired worthless
 Sep 01, 2009OEX470/475 Sep1 09Put0.310.006.61% Expired worthless
 Aug 24, 2009OEX455/460 Aug4 09Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Aug 21, 2009OEX475/480 Aug 09Call0.250.00(18.11%) Expired in the money 475/480 for 0.86 net debit.
 Aug 13, 2009OEX455/460 Aug2 09Put0.400.0014.13% Expired worthless
 Aug 13, 2009475/480Call0.250.00Expired worthless
 Jun 29, 2009OEX415/420 Jul1 09Put0.250.40(3.16%) Closed 415/420 for 0.15 net debit.
 Jun 24, 2009OEX405/410 Jun4 09Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Jun 18, 2009OEX415/420 Jun 09Put0.300.009.57% Expired worthless
 Jun 18, 2009440/445Call0.150.00Expired worthless
 Jun 11, 2009OEX450/455 Jun2 09Call0.250.0010.53% Expired worthless
 Jun 11, 2009430/435Put0.250.00Expired worthless
 May 28, 2009OEX405/410 May5 09Put0.350.0012.90% Expired worthless
 May 28, 2009430/435Call0.250.00Expired worthless
 May 14, 2009OEX405/410 May 09Put0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 May 07, 2009OEX440/445 May2 09Call0.400.0017.39% Expired worthless
 May 08, 2009400/405Put0.400.00Expired worthless
 Apr 30, 2009OEX390/395 May1 09Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Apr 23, 2009OEX375/380 Apr4 09Put0.250.0010.53% Expired worthless
 Apr 24, 2009410/415Call0.250.00Expired worthless
 Apr 16, 2009OEX385/390 Apr 09Put0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Apr 09, 2009OEX405/410 Apr2 09Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Apr 03, 2009OEX375/380 Apr1 09Put0.250.0012.63% Expired worthless
 Apr 03, 2009400/405Call0.350.00Expired worthless
 Mar 26, 2009OEX365/370 Mar4 09Put0.300.0011.70% Expired worthless
 Mar 27, 2009405/410Call0.250.00Expired worthless
 Mar 20, 2009OEX390/395 Mar 09Call0.350.0012.90% Expired worthless
 Mar 20, 2009350/355Put0.250.00Expired worthless
 Mar 12, 2009OEX360/365 Mar2 09Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Mar 05, 2009OEX350/355 Mar1 09Call0.200.0010.42% Expired worthless
 Mar 06, 2009305/310Put0.300.00Expired worthless
 Feb 25, 2009OEX375/380 Feb4 09Call0.250.005.26% Expired worthless
 Feb 20, 2009OEX340/345 Feb 09Put0.250.0011.58% Expired worthless
 Feb 20, 2009385/390Call0.300.00Expired worthless
 Feb 13, 2009OEX410/415 Feb2 09Call0.350.007.53% Expired worthless
 Feb 06, 2009OEX380/385 Feb1 09Put0.250.0011.58% Expired worthless
 Feb 06, 2009415/420Call0.300.00Expired worthless
 Jan 30, 2009OEX385/390 Jan5 09Put0.300.006.38% Expired worthless
 Jan 22, 2009OEX415/420 Jan4 09Call0.400.008.70% Expired worthless
 Jan 16, 2009OEX420/425 Jan 09Call0.350.0013.98% Expired worthless
 Jan 16, 2009380/385Put0.300.00Expired worthless
 Jan 08, 2009OEX440/445 Jan2 09Call0.250.0010.53% Expired worthless
 Jan 09, 2009415/420Put0.250.00Expired worthless
 Jan 02, 2009OEX385/390 Jan1 09Call0.300.006.38% Expired worthless